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Featured Product

Split Sleeve Kits

Cleanup & Repair Existing Cable Installations

All too often the tool of choice for creating cable openings is the claw hammer rather than a saw or drill. These penetrations are not only unsightly and unprofessional, but are unsafe and noncompliant as well. STI now has an easy, affordable solution.

Ready Split Sleeves are the only product of this type actually designed and UL Classified for use with over-sized openings. Mounting holes are provided in the wall plates to stabilize the sleeve in larger openings.

Ready Split Sleeves are quick and easy to install. Ready Split Sleeves are designed with a split pathway and wall plates that allow it to be assembled around existing cable bundles. At half the weight of competing threaded products, and with fewer parts required, Ready Split Sleeves are the product of choice when working on ladders or in cramped quarters.

As with its one-piece counterpart, Ready Split Sleeves incorporate a built in bushing that protects cable jacketing and allows for easy cable pulling. Simple to assemble split wall plates clamp the sleeve and secure it within the wall. As required by code, Ready Split Sleeve Kits include external Firestop gaskets and enough SpecSeal® Firestop putty to sealed both ends of the installed sleeve.

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