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Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) Fire-Stopping Solutions

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) has been a leader in developing solutions to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gas for over 30 years. Through our partnership with STI, Metro Sales Solutions offers essential fire-stopping products for safety and compliance in various applications.


EZ-Path Retrofit Device

Designed to reinstate ratings for overfilled cable sleeve penetrations, ensuring compliance and safety.


EZ-PATH® Fire Rated Cabling Solutions

Effortless and maintenance-free cable pathway solution for non-fire-rated walls and floors.


EZ-PATH Series 22

Precision-designed for new or existing cable installations through walls, accommodating thicknesses up to nine inches (22.9 cm).

ezpathseries33 (1)

EZ-PATH Series 33

Ideal for cable installations in new or existing structures through walls or floors, with a thickness of up to nine inches (22.9 cm).

ezpathseries44 (1)

EZ-PATH Series 44

Engineered for robust cable installations in new and existing structures, accommodating walls or floors with thicknesses of up to 10 inches (25 cm).


EZ-PATH Color-Coded Series 33 Pathways

Simplifies cable organization with color-coded pathways for seamless solutions.

Series 44 Modular Grid System

Offers a bolt-in solution for high-volume cable penetrations through floors, streamlining cable management.

ready-sleeve-kit (1)

Ready Sleeve Kits

Complete cable sleeve firestop solution for time and money savings, making cable sleeve installation convenient.


Split Sleeve Kits

Revamp and repair existing cable installations with efficient cable openings, eliminating the need for cumbersome tools.

ssb_firestop_pillows1 (1)

Firestop Pillows

Versatile firestop solution for easy installation and retrofitting.


Firestop Mortar

Economical, lightweight firestop product combining heat resistance and cost-effectiveness.


Latex Intumescent Sealant

Multi-purpose firestopping solution offering versatility and reliability.


Intumescent Putty

SSP Putty for cable changes, providing ease of installation and versatility.


  • Recognizing the importance of firestopping for life and property protection.
  • Prioritizing customer success and satisfaction.
  • Offering comprehensive knowledge and technical support.
  • Fostering a culture of integrity, respect, and innovation.
  • Developing high-quality, environmentally responsible products.
  • Investing in employee development.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability and environmental responsibility.



STI’s mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective firestop solutions, emphasizing the critical role of firestopping in life safety.

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Partnering with STI, Metro Sales Solutions offers exceptional fire protection systems. Contact our experts to explore STI’s innovative solutions and enhance your fire protection measures for safety and peace of mind.