Metro Sales Solutions


About Us

At Metro Sales Solutions, We’re a consultative sales organization of technical experts well-versed in the enterprise network, data center, cables, enclosures, connecting hardware and broadband industries. We’ve carefully curated representation of synergistic manufacturers that enable us to solve every aspect of Layer 1 network cabling infrastructure, Layer 2/3 handoff, and critical enabling systems needs. We don’t just sell products. We specialize in using our knowledge of solutions and the business needs of our industry peers to maximize your success in designing, specifying, installing, and operating network infrastructure solutions. Let us help you best meet the needs of your evolving business technology requirements, today!

How we work

We bring the spirit of partnership into every engagement. In whatever capacity you work, whether user, specifier, installer, distributor, etc. we invest our time and energy into ensuring your success in every engagement. How do we do this?

We’re technical analysts

we review your project, portfolio or application with you to ensure that your business and technology needs are expertly matched with the right infrastructure solutions to deliver peak performance matched to your budget, every time. We can guide you through the differentiating features of every solution we represent and educate your team on proper design, deployment and maintenance to ensure maximum success, from end to end.

We’re business-focused

we’re hyper-focused on understanding the business demands and professional needs of our customers and partners. We know that every business tries to achieve a fine balance of risk, innovation, stability and growth in order to maximize profitability. The professionals responsibile for maintaining this balance are best served by us when we understand their business. We make it a top priority to understand the business and professional needs of our customers, to best enable their success.

We understand design & construction

Understanding the design and construction process, from beginning to end, including the design milestone process is incredibly valuable to a salesperson. Knowing what information is valuable to offer during Schematic Design & Design Development, being able to support coordination during Construction Documentation, understanding the necessity of value engineering when called for, and being an active collaborator in troubleshooting Construction Administration, positions us to offer value far beyond the sale.

We succeed when you succeed

Have you ever had an interaction with someone who’s clearly just trying to sell you ? It’s typically a turn off, right? As a technical sales organization, we do have to evangelize our solutions so the market knows they exist, but that is simply an initiation of a conversation. Our substantial effort is targeted at ensuring that you succeed in delivering the most detailed design documentation; deploy the most effective, high-performance infrastructure to power your organization; or install the most timely project with minimal disruption and maximum profit. When we’re successful at making you successful, the sale takes care of itself.