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Fiber Polarity in MPO/Cassette Systems
Nat Bassett, RCDD/NTS/DCDC

In the network cabling industry there are several guides that explain individual Polarity Methods but none that address why such strategies are needed or the common principles upon which they are all based. Thi is unfortunate since understanding the “whys” behind the Methods is fundamental to being able to address the complex challenges that arise when engineering, installing and troubleshooting multi-strand fiber

This paper fills that void by first identifying exactly what problems the various Polarity Methods are designed to solve and then describing in simple terms the four main versions that are currently in use.

Polarity in Two Strand Fiber Circuits

To understand why polarity strategies are necessary it is useful to start with the basic, two-strand systems where polarity principles were first established.

In a typical two-strand LC fiber transceiver, the left side of the transceiver sends while the right side receives

How to Observe Field Progress and Punch List for Structured Cabling
Premise Projects – A Guide for Training and Education

The role of a design consultant providing any subject matter expertise and discipline service to real estate development projects is three-fold:
1. Provide advisory subject matter expertise within the confines of the project scope to help the client make informed decisions.

2. Produce contract/construction documentation coordinated to a committed level (usually LOD 300/350) with other, relevant project trades, that captures a complete scope such that a contractor can buy-out and install the project.

3. Provide oversight and troubleshooting guidance during the construction process so that the project outcome is functionally appropriate, aesthetically aligned with the architectural intent, and positioned for the best possible operational experience for the owner.

During the Construction Administration phase, the consultant will typically perform Field Observation walkthroughs to survey progress and memorialize work outstanding or to be corrected, either due to unapproved scope deviation or technical deficiency. As a project nears completion, the consultant will typically perform Punch List walkthroughs to document items of work that should be corrected or completed in order to approve project close out. Both tasks should encompass the same principal methodology; evaluate the completeness of the project scope and the technical compliance of the installed technology solutions.

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